Terms of Use

This Terms apply to the customers who use rental bikes of Giant Store ("Stores"). Items not designated by the Terms of Use follow laws or general practice.

Article 1. Purpose
The purpose of the Stores is to enrich customer's sports cycling life and contribute to the promotion of the culture of sports cycling.
Article 2. Eligibility
Rent bikes are available only to a customer who satisfies all of the following conditions:
  1. Who agrees to the purpose of the Stores and observes the Terms and other traffic regulations etc.
  2. Who has a telephone number which the Stores and each operating company can surely contact.
  3. Who carries an identification card on the rental date and can show it to the store staff.
  4. Whose health condition is sufficient to withstand the use of sports cycling.
  5. Who is not under the influence of alcohol.
  6. Who does not belong to a crime syndicate or to invlove with a crime-syndicate related group.
  7. Who does not have any infection or other infectious disease that is likely to be infected to others.
  8. In case of a customer who is under 18 years old, who can be accompanied during the rental period by a person with parental authority or a person who is 18 years of age or older ("guardian"). In such case, the guardian's signature and identification card are required for the application. The guardian must be jointly and severally liable with you in accordance with the Terms.
  9. Who has never failed to pay for rent bikes.
  10. Who is regarded as qualified for the use by the Stores.
Article 3. Booking
  1. You are required to make a booking by online by two days (untill 15:00) prior to pickup, or calling to the Stores by closing time on the previous day of pickup.
  2. In case of booking by phone, please tell us the user's name, age, phone number, the desired bike lineup and the desired date and pickup time.
  3. In case of booking by phone, please tell us If you would like to return the bike to the different Store from the Store where you pickup.("One way") This One way service is available at limited stores only. Please contact the Stores for more information.
  4. We may not rent the types of bikes you desire depending on the rental situation.
  5. You may rent bike on the current date without booking. However, we give priority to the customers who make a booking in advance.
  6. Please inform the Stores in advance by phone if you are likely to be late for the pickup time on the rental date.
  7. We may decline to offer bike rental if actual height is different from what you have mentioned.
Article 4. Change booking
  1. If you wish to change booking details, you must contact to Stores and receive Stores's consent beforehand.
Article 5. Cancel booking
  1. Reservations can be cancelled up to 2 days, during the business hours, prior to the date of use at no charge.
  2. Cancellations made from the day before the date of use onward will be subject to a cancellation fee as shown in the table below.
  3. The reservation will be automatically cancelled when one hour has passed from the reserved rental time without prior notice.
  4. Cancellation made on the day before due to bad weather forecast* at no charge. Please contact us during store opening hours the day before.
Cancellation charge
~2 days in advance (during the business hours)Free of charge
1 day in advance (during the business hours)50% of the rental fee
The day/no notice100% of the rental fee
  • Bad weather forecast is defined as a 60% or greater chance of precipitation in the reserved region in the weather forecast released by the Japan Meteorological Agency the day before the event.
  • Cancellation fees are set separately for group of 10 or more and for travel agencies.
Article 6. Application Procedure
Application procedure is as follows.
  1. Confirm with the store staff regarding the rental period, rental bikes and rental parts.
  2. Fill the prescribed matters in the application form.
  3. Hand over the application form and the identification card to the store staff. The store staff will confirm the card and write down the number of the card in some cases.
  4. Pay the rental fee. The rental fee is as described separately and is required to paid in advance.
  5. The store staff will explain how to handle the bike and the parts ("rental items").
  6. The bike condition will be adjusted for each customer by the store staff.
  7. You and the store staff must confirm together whether there is no inadequate maintenance upon the rental items.
  8. The store staff will deliver the rental items to you.
Article 7. Returning Rental Items
  1. You must return rental items to the Store by the time you supposed to return.
  2. Please return rental items in its original condition at delivery. In case of abnormity or breakdown, please inform the store staff immediately.
Article 8. Conclude Rental Contract
  1. When the Stores receive rental fee and deliver rental items to you, Rental Contract is regarded as concluded.
  2. If the rental items cannot be rent due to an accident, theft or other reasons which are not attributable to the Stores or each operating company, the Stores may cancel their consent to the booking.
Article 9. Invalidity of Rent bikes Request
The Stores or each operating company may invalidate your application without any notice and require you to return rental items immediately if you meet any of the items below. In such cases, the Store will not refund the rental fee at all that the Store received pursuant to Article 6.
  1. You do any act which may breach the Terms of Use;
  2. (2)You get into an accident caused by reasons attributable to you.
Article 10. Extension of rental period
  1. Please inform the Stores if you are not likely to return rental items in time.
  2. If you extends rental period, you must pay extra charge at returning rental items.
  3. You must compensate for the damage suffered by the third party in such case as the next applicants cannot use the bike because of the delay.
  4. If you fail to return rental items to designated location at expiry of rental period and does not comply with Stores's request for returning rental items, Stores contact you by phone, post and E-mail etc. Even if we do not contact you, extra charge will be charged in accordance with the Terms of Use.
Article 11. Usage of Hand Washing Space and Shower Room (* Available at limited stores)
  1. Please use store facilities properly and keep good manners.
  2. Please use hand washing spaces and shower rooms cleanly. Please dump your rubbish in a trash box which is equipped in each facility.
  3. Please ask the store staff about a lost property. We will keep the item for 2 months, if possible. However, we may dispose of them if they are dirty clothes or the things that can be hardly stored. You are responsible for the cost of such disposal and we will not accept your objection at all.
  4. You may use rental towels which we lend in the shower rooms only to dry yourself off and you should not take them outside of the Stores. And a towel may be lent for one use and please return it back to the pick-up areas.
  5. The number of shower rooms is limited, therefore please do not occupy them for a long time when the rooms are crowded. In addition, please be environmentally friendly and try to save water.
  6. Please do not take out the equipment of the Stores which are equipped in the shower rooms.
  7. Please keep your valuables in a safe place. We take no responsibility for theft.
  8. You cannot use the lockers during non-business hours of the Stores.
Article 12. Usage of Locker (* Available at limited stores)
  1. You may use a locker equipped in the Stores if you apply for the rent bikes.
  2. The store staff will hand over a locker key when you apply for the use.
  3. Please do not put your valuables into the locker. The Stores or operating companies will take no responsibilities at all if you suffer damages including but not limited to theft.
  4. Please do not put food, living things, dangerous things and other things that may cause water leakage or bad smell into the locker. If the Stores, customers or third parties suffer damages by these things, you as a owner of these things must compensate for the damages. The store staff may open the locker and try to solve the problems without your permission if the water leakage or bad smell occurs.
  5. You cannot use the lockers during non-business hours of the Stores.
  6. After returning the rental items, please pick up all your belongings in the locker and return the locker key to the store staff. We will keep your belongings which are remained in the locker for 2 months, however, if you do not contact us or do not come to the Store to take them for the term, we will dispose of them after the period. You are responsible for the cost of disposal and we will not accept your objection at all.
Article 13. Breakdown , Damage
  1. If you find defect or breakdown while using rental bike, you must stop riding wihtout delay and contact with Stores.
  2. If the bike tire goes flat, please use the fix kit and fix it if you borrow the kit from the Stores. If you do not know how to fix it, please contact the Stores.
  3. We may charge you for the damage of the rental items if they are broken down by reasons attributable to you.
Article 14. Theft , Loss
  1. Please inform the Stores immediately if rental items are stolen or lost.
  2. We may charge you for the damage from the theft or the loss of the rental items which is attributable to you.
  3. If you lose your locker key, we will charge you ,000 for reissue fee.
Article 15. Accident
  1. If you get in an accident during rental, please inform the Stores immediately.
  2. Please take action provided in laws and ordinances such as contacting police by yourself if needed.
  3. You must compensate for the damage suffered by the Stores or third parties, if the damage is caused by reasons attributable to you.
  4. If you or the third parties suffer damages caused by the breakdown of the bikes due to accident, the Stores and each operating company will take no responsibility at all.
  5. If you need settlement regarding the accident, you must take settlement at your own responsibility. The Stores and each operating company will take no responsibility at all about the accident.
  6. The damage will be compensated to the extent covered by the compensation of "Travel Insurance".
Article 16. Prohibited conduct
  1. You must not let anyone use the rental items other than the user described in the application form of the rent bikes during the rental period.
  2. 2. You must not take any of the following prohibited actions during the rental period:
    1. Ride recklessly, or under the influence of the alcohol, or take any other actions that violate the traffic regulations;
    2. Ride in a dangerous location, in an inappropriate place or way;
    3. Ride in such way as may prohibit pedestrians etc. from passing on the street;
    4. Make any modification or change of structure and/or devices etc. of the rental items;
    5. Ride without wearing helmets;
    6. Take any other actions that violate laws, ordinances and regulations.
Article 17. Termination of Rental Contract due to Force Majeure
The rental contract will be terminated when the rental items become unusable due to force majeure, including but not limited to disaster, which is not attributable to the Stores, each operating company or you. In such case, you must contact the Stores immediately and accept in advance that rental fee will not be refunded.
Article 18. Good Faith
Stores and you will negotiate in good faith and make an effort to settle if any doubts related to the contents of these Terms or the matters which are not provided herein arise.
Article 19. Agreement Jurisdictional Court
Should there occur dispute about right and obligation based on the Terms of Use, the agreement exclusive jurisdictional of the court is local court located at the head office of each operating company or the Stores.

*The Stores may revise the Terms of Use at any time without notice to you. The revised Terms of Use will be effective when posted.