Let's enjoy a real cycling by Giant Store Bike Rental!

Giant Store Bike Rental

Discover popular cycling routes in Japan.
Cycling these places where cyclists long to visit.

Most Giant store is located near popular cycling routes where many overseas cyclists dream of visiting.Sport bikes which are comfortable and lightweight lead you the authentic cycling experience.You can easily make travel plan and enjoy your quality time by cycling.

Mt. Akagi
The difference in elevation of Mt. Akagi from Maebachi city is 1,300 meters. Enjoy hill climb and superb view. GIANT STORE MAEBASHI
Simanami Kaido

The distance between Imabari and Onomichi is about 70km.Shimanami Kaido is one of the famous cycling road in the world, well known as ”cyclist's paradise”

Matsue Castle
Visit Matsue Castle(National treasure) and castle town, You may time travel into ”Edo era”. GIANT STORE MATSUE
Lake Biwa
Let's try cycling around the biggested lake in Japan, called "Biwaichi". GIANT STORE BIWAKO MORIYAMA

Leave sport bike rental up to Giant Store!

  • 最適サイズをご用意

    We prepare full size range bikes. For comfortable cycling
    To enjoy cycling as sport, you need to choose a bike which suits your height.
  • 手ぶらでオーケー

    Rental accesaries Just bring yourself
    The standard rental lineup includes helmet, front light, bell, and lock.
  • 初心者も安心

    Kindly show you how to ride a bike. Easy for beginners
    If you are unfamiliar with sport bikes, we give a tutorial on brakes and derailleur.
  • 適切なメンテナンス

    As Giant specialty store Proper bike maintenance
    For safety and comfortable cycling, we do bike check before departure and carry out routine mentenance.


How early do I make a booking?
Booking can be made 60 days prior to pickup
What time do you open for bike rentals?
All stores open at 9:00.
What kinds of clothes should I wear?
It is preferable to wear the sport clothes. We recommend you to prepare for sunscreen in summer and warm clothes in winter.

Please refrain from wearing inappropriate for safe cycling, such as sandals and high heels.
Can I return bike to another location?
The One-way service (Return to another location) is available between Giant Store Imabari and Giant Store Onomichi.
In this case, you need to book a road bike in advance.
Note: ONLY road bike is available for One-way service.
What is the difference between a city bike and a road bike?

City Bike

  • user-friendly bike for beginners
  • relatively short distance and slow pace

Road Bike

  • suitable for a person who had an experience to ride sport bikes
  • long distance and high-speed pace
  • head forward posture than a city bike