For those who wish to use the one-way service to Onomichi



We will inform you about rental bicycles and return agency.

If you leave the Imabari store and wish to return it to the Onomichi store.

The only vehicle type that can be used for one-way (drop-off) is "road bike".

 "City bike" "E-bike" "kids bike"

These 3 models must be returned to the Imabari store.

"City Bike"


"Kids Bike"

Our kids bikes are 24 inches. (Height from 135cm)


If you couldn't make a reservationfor the plan to return the rental bicycle at Giant Store Onomichi, or if you want to return a rental bicycle other than a road bike,

By using the rental bicycle return service*,

There is a way to enjoy one-way cycling on the Shimanami Kaido.

*What is the rental bicycle return service?

On behalf of customers who use rental bicycles,

Service to return the vehicle to the Imabari store.

Wakka Co., Ltd. in Omishima is a rental cycle return agent.

In this case, you have two things to do yourself.

1. Reserve a rental bicycle at Giant Store Imabari.

If you use a return agency,

Select "Imabari" for departure and return of rental bicycles.

Please book a "day trip" plan or higher.

The "5 hours" plan does not support return agency service.

If the return date is our regular holiday, a separate reservation is required.

Reservations for Giant Store rental bicycles are accepted from 60 days prior to the scheduled date of use.

Giant Store IMABARI Rental web  site

2. Please make a reservation for Wakka Co., Ltd.'s bicycle return agency service.

The return agency fee is regardless of the number of units

The same price applies to up to one transport truck.

(Maximum 5 to 10 units)

It's a great deal if you use it in a group.

For details, please check the Wakka website.

WAKKA website 

 Advance reservations are recommended for both.

I would be happy if this information is helpful for you

Thank you.


Giant Store Imabari.

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